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Kristen Lyons and Jason Gardner were first introduced to craft brewing by Brewery Ommegang. They were on hand for the very first Belgium Comes To Cooperstown (BCTC) as volunteers.  They were introduced to amazing Belgian Beers that have helped to shape their taste going forward.


From there they began to volunteer at Empire State Brewing & Music Festival in Syracuse and the NY Brewfest at the South Street Seaport. All of these amazing festivals and beers sparked their love of craft beer and the brewing process. A few years later they tried their hand at their first brew, a hefeweizen, and the result was wonderful. With no breweries in the Binghamton area at the time the idea to bring craft beer to the region was born.


Binghamton Brewing Co was founded in 2011 with the idea to bring craft brewing back to Binghamton. We incorporated in early 2012 and have been dilligently working to bring our concept to fruition. We believe that interesting brews, impeccable service and good times are meant to be together.


We love locally grown ingredients. As a farm brewery we are sourcing our ingredients from local producers. NYS hops and malt will be staples in our brews and we will have local wines and cider on hand as well. We welcome you to experience all that Bing Brew has to offer.

The Bing Brew Team


Kristen - Kristen's love of craft brews has a long history sparked by Brewery Ommegang. The brewery stems from a love of craft beer and the desire to create a place where customers can come feel comfortable, have fun, and stay a while. She is excited to bring an unique place to the Binghamton area while supporting the localvore movement by sourcing ingredients within NYS. 


Jason - An engineer at heart. Lover of puns, craft beer, and good people. If you find a beer that you love and have a good time, then he is proud to call your visit a success.


Cait - Always ready behind the bar with a smile - but don't let it fool you, do not put a wager against her in Tenzi!


Tony - If you #FlyBGM enough, you are bound to meet Tony. When you do, grab a pint or a coffee and ask to pass the time with a game of Suspend.


Kasey - A jack-of-all trades Brewery Assistant, he keeps the stainless clean and beer moving along (among other critical things).


Gary - The only Canadian on the team, Gary brings an overwhelming amount of industry experience to the Head Brewer role. 


Cody - Beer and bicycles go great together - and Cody knows about both! Look for him behind the bar.


Kim - She used to be on the other side of the bar, and we sure are glad she's part of the team now. She's a beertender, but also the unofficial #BingBrewSocialMediaAdvisor.


You? - As a customer, you are already part of the team - but if you are interested in starting a career with BingBrew, head over to the Careers page to see what's available.

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